Aqua Therapy

With the help of our Hydroworx Pool we will be able to help workers, weekend warriors, athletes, and geriatric patients improve their function in a more effectively and timely manner.

Aquatic therapy with our Hydroworx pool allows us another modality to coincide with our one on one care in speeding recovery and preventing further injury. The most effective way for a patient to recover from an injury or surgery is to begin the rehabilitation process.  However, many times pain levels and weight bearing status impact their ability to start. The pain commonly associated with rehabilitation can be decreased/ eliminated in water because it reduces the weight bearing on joints through the natural principles of buoyancy, submersion, and viscosity.  Click here to learn more.

Sports Performance

Young athletes are being injured at an alarming rate and their dreams of succeeding are being crushed at an early age. There is also a growing epidemic of childhood obesity that is threatening the physical, mental and emotional state of our children. This is where we at Robinson Physical Therapy and Health Center can help. Our goal is to give individuals of all ages and sporting levels the necessary building blocks to be active and successful at their sports and everyday activities.

Some professionals will use certain tools to identify the risks of injury and some will use these same tools to help increase performance. We here at Robinson Physical Therapy and Health Center use a system that does both.

Our programs allow for injury prevention and increase in functional performance in a fun, developmentally sound, and goal oriented way. The philosophies and techniques we use can be implemented as early as 6 years old and have been used to train professionals, collegiate, and Olympic athletes. Click here to learn more.

Patient Education

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