Aquatic Therapy Services

Underwater Treadmill

With the help of our Hydroworx Pool we will be able to help workers, weekend warriors, athletes, and geriatric patients improve their function in a more effectively and timely manner.

Aquatic therapy with our Hydroworx pool allows us another modality to coincide with our one on one care in speeding recovery and preventing further injury. The most effective way for a patient to recover from an injury or surgery is to begin the rehabilitation process. However, many times pain levels and weight bearing status impact their ability to start. The pain commonly associated with rehabilitation can be decreased/ eliminated in water because it reduces the weight bearing on joints through the natural principles of buoyancy, submersion, and viscosity.

Once in warm water:

  • Range of motion (ROM) increases
  • Water resistance helps to strengthen muscles and reinforce balance
  • Water resistance automatically creates an easy or hard workout based on energy exertion
  • Muscle spasms decrease
  • Pain sensitivity decreases
  • Exercises are more enjoyable
  • Athletes exercise at their own comfort level

We chose the Hydroworx pool for the many features it provides. Features include:

  • Variable speed underwater treadmill for improving gait mechanics, frequency, and efficiency
  • Video monitoring system that includes DVD/VHS capabilities to provide feedback to patients, the clinician, and physician
  • Resistance jets with variable water speeds for increased resistance during rehabilitation
  • Massage hose with extension cables for regional massage in order to relax fatiguing/sore muscles and control edema

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